Our story about moving to Cabo is probably a bit different than a lot of others that buy a business here and relocate.  Our dream since early on in our marriage after falling in love with Mexico and its culture we dreamed of one day owning a bar/restaurant somewhere in Mexico when we retired.  After our first visit to Cabo in 2007 the location was locked in, the town, the people and area were all top on our list.  Well after that we didn’t quite make it to retirement before finding the opportunity to purchase Wicked Pizza and the rest is history.  Once we got here and became more established our focus turned to giving back to those in the area, there are so many great ways to help but we chose to focus our efforts on the animals and the kids.  We pride ourselves in giving back to the community as much as we can whenever we can.  There are too many to list but we have worked with and donated (pizza and funds) to the Los Cabo Children’s Foundation, Feeding Los Cabo’s Kids, Los Cabo Humane Society and El Ranchito Animal Shelter and numerous other events and activities who in turn donate to these groups and others!